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St. Louis County, MO 11/20/2010

The female robber has freckles on her face, could be approximately 30 years old and weighs 130-140 pounds. She was wearing a puffy North Face winter jacket that was yellow with black accents. She was carrying a brown Dooney and Bourke leather handbag and wore a gray knit cap, gray gloves, and blue jeans.
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Affton, MO  11/17/2010

Affton, MO 11/17/2010

The robber could be 50-55 years old and weighs 120-130 pounds. He was wearing a green ski mask, dark gloves, dark hoodie and blue jeans.
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St. Louis County, MO 11/16/2010

St. Louis County, MO 11/16/2010

The robber weighs approximately 250 lbs and has a goatee. He was wearing a Mizzou visor with fake gold hair with black tips attached to the visor.Western Australia He was also wearing a rusty brown hooded jacket and black jeans.

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