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University City, Missouri – 09/14/2010

University City, Missouri – 09/14/2010

The robber is described as a white male, 5’6”-5’8”, medium build, early 40’s, mustache, wrinkles on face, tanned skin, blondish brown hair and mustache, grey hooded shirt, grayish/camouflage baseball style cap, sunglasses on top of cap, blue jean pants, white tennis shoes.
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St. Charles, MO  09/10/2010

St. Charles, MO 09/10/2010

The female robber looks like she is in her mid 20's, has a light complexion, and has a medium to heavy build. Her long dark hair with gold highlights on the ends was tied back in a low ponytail. Her fingernails had green polish with designs. She was wearing a red windbreaker with light blue jeans.

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